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    Hackettstown CC meets Monday evenings.
    Pay Advanced EF to July 11th U2400 Open.
    Advanced entries listed below.
    My acn@goes.com is dead. Use my Yahoo e-mail.


    JULY 11, 2015 - Summer Under 2400 Open

    Somerset Holiday Inn, 195 Davidson Av. I-287, exit#10.

    5-SS, G/30 d5. G$$:250-200-150-100-50.
    $50 extra for 5-0 score

    Minimum prize $75 b/16, to top Expert, Class A & U1800.
    To first only. No pooling and No duplicate prizes.

    EF: $45 entryfeesrus.com or $60 cash at site.
    Reg. to 9:45am on 07/11. Starts: 10am then lunch break.
    Early entries paired Friday.

    Special $5 refunds to card carries CPNJ members.

    ken.thomas64@yahoo.com or 908-887-3126
    or 908-651-0705 - W. Web.


    July 11, 2015 Advanced Entries 2015 Summer U2400 Open NUM RATG ID# NAME exp SECT --- ---- -------- ------------------ ---- ------ 01 1900 11096154 Collins,David life -------------------------------------------------

    Viking in Chief
    & his fellow Norseman (Aaron Ken & Brad)

    Weaver W. Adams
    The Apostle of Agression

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