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    Viking Chess Club Web Site
    ** Quads Monday, Jan-12, 2015 **
    ** Hackettstown Community Center **
    Text Ken Thomas' CP# at /908-887-3126
    			Viking Chess Club (Where everybody knows your name)
    			meets Monday Evenings 7 PM. 
    			Hackettstown Community Center, 293 Main Street. 07840
    			Info: Ken - 908-8873126 or acn@goes.com. 
    =========================================================== Mar. 16, 015 ------- New Jersey TROPHIES PLUS GRAND PRIX POINTS: 10 (ENHANCED) Viking St. Patty’s Day Grand Prix (Monday Evening) (QC) Community Center, 293 Main St., Hackettstown, NJ. 4-SS, G/15 d5. G$$: 150-100-50, plus Trophy. EF: Early, $25 via website entryfeesrus.com. EF: At Site $30 Cash by 7 pm. Hackettstown residents. $5. Games start 7:00 pm. Contact: Ken acn@goes.com =========================================================== Other Hackettstown Tournaments: Mar. 16. St Paddys Grand Prix. 10 GPP QC 4-SS, G/15, G$$ 150-100-50. Advanced EF $25.00, Advanced EF $5 to Hackettstown Residents. Apr. 20. Four County Championship 10 GPP QC 4-SS, G/60, G$$ 150-100-50. Advanced EF $25.00, Advanced EF %5 to Hackettstown Residents. ===========================================================

    Viking in Chief & his fellow Norseman
    (Aaron Ken & Brad)

    Weaver W. Adams, The Apostle of Agression

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